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White & Black I Single Glass Door 1981 x 762 mm

White & Black I Single Glass Door 1981 x 762 mm

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Black and white are extremely minimalist color schemes that have gained many enthusiasts. Such a combination ensures the purity of form and a precise conveyance of content, which is why the selection of the appropriate relief takes on unique significance. Depending on the desired final effect, it can be an abstract pattern, but just as well, it can depict a specific image or draw on specific motifs.

In any case, we achieve an unparalleled, harmonious whole. Because the material is glass, everything takes on an additional gleam, creating an even more attractive effect.

 Standard door dimension: 1981 x 762 mm
We can make any dimensions as a special order.


Fusing is a glass processing technology where flat glass elements, placed on carved molds, are molten at the temperature higher than 800 degrees Celsius. Temperature, time and gravity make the glass shape to the carvings and preserve the sculptured texture of the design. It is how we make the glass doors with modern design – the Linea Moderna line.



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