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Forte I Single Glass Door 1981 x 762 mm

Forte I Single Glass Door 1981 x 762 mm

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The design itself has been conceived by the works of great art deco classics. The wide horizontal stripes fit in both modern and classical interiors. The standard execution has seven, five or three stripes but their number, size and position can be adopted to your requirements.

Standard door dimension: 1981 x 762 mm
We can make any dimensions as a special order.


Fusing is a glass processing technology where flat glass elements, placed on carved molds, are molten at the temperature higher than 800 degrees Celsius. Temperature, time and gravity make the glass shape to the carvings and preserve the sculptured texture of the design. It is how we make the glass doors with modern design – the Linea Moderna line.

Linea Moderna

The idea of the design is to contrast the irregularity of the glass surface texture with the flatness of the regularly shaped stripes. Every pane is handmade, therefore, every pane is to some extent unique and individual. There are no two identical products. We offer any colour you may want in transparent, satinated or pearl version, however most our clients select from one of the four standard versions prepared by our designers: satin/white, clear, transparent graphite or transparent amber.

Our technology makes it possible to manufacture glass doors in any fitting configuration: single doors, double doors, framed, swing, slide or slide into a special wall pocket. We can also make any size that fits into your interior design. Additionally, we offer other glass elements made in the same colour and design, to supplement other areas of your interior: partitions, shower enclosures, splashbacks, etc. Obviously, our glass products meet all safety standards, they are toughened to fulfil requirements of Europe- an norm EN14428.

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